Dan Nolta

Dan, a recorded minister in Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, is a retired emergency services chaplain. He began this chaplaincy ministry in 1971 by volunteering with the Tacoma (Washington) Police Department, where he served until 1977. He also ministered four years as a volunteer chaplain with the Tacoma Fire Department before he started his full-time service with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) in 1984.

Dan has been president as well as international liaison for the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC).

In his nearly 20 years with Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy and in his assignment as chaplain coordinator for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, he has three times been called upon to serve as interim executive director. During his years with Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy, the organization expanded to the point that it provides chaplaincy services for some 30 emergency service agencies in Pierce County.

Under the sponsorship of Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy, Dan founded the Police and Fire Chaplain's Training Academy in partnership with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. The academy is designed to give emergency services chaplains, basic knowledge to be equipped to serve effectively.

Retired from active chaplaincy in December 2004, Dan continues to serve as ICPC international liaison traveling to different countries, encouraging police chaplaincy and training new chaplains. He also spends time consulting and writing grants for Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy, fishing, and enjoying his family.


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